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Project management and organization office

Raccolta di una testimonianza fotografica che andrà a comporre l'opera finale Modux del collettivo Brida per il progetto Storie in Corso
Co.So. Artisti per il sociale, Elena Tammaro all'inaugurazione mostra a Palmanova della prima edizione

Exhibitions, events, conferences. Cultural planning requires a good knowledge of the sector and of the actors who enliven and attend it. Creaa inherit from the two founders the passion for contemporary art and over 15 years of experience, evolving with the change affecting the cultural sector.

Culture + business

For us Caring is a transversal guiding theme, because we care about content and about all the people involved in our projects.

We co-design Design Thinking and Creative Project Canvas tools.

Culture + social sphere

The Covid19 pandemic brought out the issue of mental health as priority for the well-being of society. Creaa, in partnership with mental health professionals, use innovative and cross-sectoral methods that can produce a significant cultural change on the topics of prejudice, fear and stigma, still deeply rooted in our society. We are among the first companies in Italy to use a format of community activation through the intervention of professional artists.

We collaborated with public and private entities and with universities for small and medium-size projects, in line with deadlines, goals and resources.

We work respecting artists and cultural institutions, with close attention to the artworks and copyright protection.

We aim for innovation in the exhibition and communication solutions, with attention to the transformation of the cultural sector, to realize efficient cultural content promotion and to ensure maximum audience engagement.

Safety regulations in the use of private and public spaces; image usage rights; proper management of personal data: they are some of the aspects that can have legal repercussions if not properly managed. Relying on a professional means being informed about the correct management of bureaucratic and legal issues, which are often sensitive to frequent updates.

Art and community

Project selection

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