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Art Thinking and ABI

Laboratorio basato sul format Creaative Bump, con la partecipazione dell'artista sloveno Rok Bogataj
Mass age, message, mess age - Art Based Intervention by Creaa con Elena Mazzi

Amy Whitaker’s theory, Art Thinking, is characterized by the combination of art and business through a fruitful exchange of processes. The drive towards innovation combine both artistic and business research. The approach of the Art Thinker is a reworking of the context, which enables to relate different sectors solutions. The Art Thinker is a facilitator of Open Innovation.

How to activate this process?

Creaa is among the first companies in Italy specialized in ABI (Art Based Intervention). An artistic intervention within a complex organization occurs when an artist, with his methods, creative processes and products, breaks into a business reality to support or stimulate changes, creativity and innovation, or to encourage the development of skills and the improvement of working conditions.

Areas in which it was tested:

  • Art + business

  • Art + community

  • Art + tourism


  • Co-creation

  • Boost creativity

  • Improve leadership perception

  • Encourage Team Building

  • Support product design and creative processes

  • Define the identity of businesses and organizations

  • Support communication

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