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Event management

Art direction, organization office and communication

Il Mare a Palmanova, 2018 - cena in azzurro per celebrare i 40 anni della rivoluzione basagliana organizzata dal Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali Il Mosaico
Federica Manaigo intervista l'artista Filippo Minelli per The #localartist Is Present - Bandus/Storie in corso, Udine

Creaa handles events of different nature, purpose and size, from the concept to its realization, or in one of their parts, depending on the need of the client.

Art direction and event planning

If you are aware of the purpose of your event – for example training activities, involvement of groups and communities, cultural and scientific dissemination, presentation of a service/product – we can suggest different creative opportunities in order to make it captivating and efficient, on time and within budget.

Organization office

From membership management to the choice of relators or trainers, from selection of providers to promotion: we put in place our organizational skills to get to the day of the event without any problem. We are determined but flexible to overcome any unforeseen events!

Communication and promotion

We build the visual and experiential identity of an event, by defining strategies for promotion and communication on site. We create original copy and visual and multimedia content for online and offline channels.

Cross-sector skills

We are specialized in the cultural sector and we have been training in the field of open innovation for years. We know how to move in the world of the startups and third sector is our daily bread. Over the years, we have planned events for very diverse realities, such as public entities, trade associations, companies and cooperatives.

Compliance with current regulations

Safety regulations in the use of private and public spaces; image usage rights; proper management of personal data: they are some of the aspects that can have legal repercussions if not properly managed. Relying on a professional means being informed about the correct management of bureaucratic and legal issues, which are often sensitive to frequent updates.

How we support our clients

Event management

Project selection

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