Client: APS Kallipolis - Association for social development and support

Period: January 2017 - December 2019

Services: Curatorship and research

Kallipolis is an association for social development and support set up to improve the quality of life in human habitats making cities more inclusive, responsible and engaged, paying attention to the needs of citizens, in particular the most vulnerable ones.

Among the projects carried out by Kallipolis and curated by Creaa for the selection of artists in 2019 we find Upla Lab! Urban Playground: play and creativity for a co-generative welfare, focusing on activating the public space of the Trieste neighborhood of Ponziana, starting from the community and recovering the relationship dimension.

Upla Lab recreated a radio sports commentary taken from the 95-year sports history of Ponziana Calcio, since the radio is a medium suiting the large-scale divulgation needs of the project. The creation of a radio program is a moment that includes the careful writing of a text (in the absence of visual support, the use of an engaging and well-structured narration thrived) and the technical organization with software for mixing audio content.
The radio is used as a tool for sharing and socializing and as a way of divulging an historical memory.

Through the creation of podcasts, the project traces the history of Ponziana Calcio and in general aims to transmit basic skills on how to structure a radio program.

It is addressed to high school and middle school students and it is supported by the General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.