Elena Tammaro - Creaa

Elena Tammaro

Art Director

In 2013, after more than 10 years of cultural associations, I co-founded Creaa, one of the first companies in Italy specialized in Art/Business partnerships (Art Based Interventions).
Thanks to the collaboration with my network of professional artists, I developed original and iconic events.
I use tools for open innovation based on Art Thinking both on training activities and on workshops facilitation.
Technological innovation and unconventional marketing are my passions.

I am the creative “search engine” that supports you on content creation.

Federica Manaigo - Creaa

Federica Manaigo

Project Manager

I graduated in Communication Science and I have a 1st Level Master Degree in Cultural Journalism and Communications. In the meantime, I also started a musical training course and I earned a Bachelor of Music. Before founding Creaa together with Elena Tammaro, I spent two years abroad (France and UK) and I worked with many cultural realities in the organization and promotion of events. I am passionate about project management in cultural and creative companies, European programming and sustainable development issues.

I am the organizational-strategic soul of Creaa, I will be happy to plan our collaboration with you.

Federica Ferrarin Creaa

Federica Ferrarin

Content Producer

Since 2015 I have been an enthusiastic collaborator of Creaa, where my multifaceted personal and professional training have found fertile ground for improving analytical, graphic and web design skills. Besides my language training – I speak English, German and French – I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Communication for Business. At Creaa I deal with communication and design of multimedia content for printing and web, fixing complex problems with a creative approach.

I will be your contact person for “digital” issues on the project that you will develop with us.

Erica Londero Creaa

Erica Londero

Junior Graphic Designer

In 2021 I graduated in Product Design at ISIA Roma. During my University journey Creaa gave me the opportunity to work as an intern: here I found complete freedom of expression and I could finally understand how the real world of work looks like. Since the end of the internship I joined the office as a junior graphic designer, helping the team in graphic design and visuals. I am always looking forward to learning something new in order to grow and develop new skills.

Each project is an opportunity to share my innovative point of view and to transform in reality ideas which represent the younger generations!


Our expertise are the result of constant updating and 10 years of field experience.

  • Training activities
  • Creative workshops
  • Professional artists network
  • Curatorship and event planning
  • Analysis and strategy
  • Copy and visual content creation
  • Campaign planning
  • Implementation of online and offline projects
  • Stress and deadline management
  • Partner relationship management
  • Institutional relationship management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Audience development
  • Internal and external communication
  • Experience with voluntary organizations, social promotion associations, charities, social enterprises, public administrations, trade associations, trade unions
  • Territorial marketing
  • Supplier management
  • Creative ideas
  • Promotion
  • Organization office
  • Budget management
  • Goals and resources management
  • Monitoring
  • Financial accountability


 Our work is also possible thanks to the constant collaboration with a network of art and communication professionals: take a look at some of the projects we have worked on!

Moreover, in our office we frequently host some interns who are building their professional path: they are valuable for their contributions and for the freshness they bring us. Here’s a video-interview involving some of them, while on our Instagram profile you can find their stories.