Client: M.E.P. Macchine Elettroniche Piegatrici - Steelworker company

Period: September 2019 - October 2019

Services: Artist intervention, format "Creaative Bump"

Art Based Interventions (ABI) involve an artist, his methods, the creative process and products in an organization to support and stimulate change, creativity and innovation.

Creaa proposes following its own format, Creaative Bump, an implementation of ABI to provide a group training experience, mixing a collective artistic creation with the support of an artist and a trainer.

For M.E.P. Creaa realized a concrete example of the Creaative Bump format applied to a group of employees of a metal industry, introducing Elena Mazzi – an artist awarded by the Italian Council of MiBACT – to the company. The workshop “”Mass age, message, mess age”” is based on the project having the same name, designed to identify the dynamics underlying communication strategies.

The workshop wants to build a solid capacity for group in communication and cooperation and to question existing working practices.