Client: Associazione CLIC - Association for social development and support

Period: August 2017 - December 2017

Services: Artist intervention, format "Creaative Bump"

During this workshop, participants are invited to explore their own view and the world around them, working on the creation of a work of art based on the Creaative Bump model.

The artist guides them through the analysis and reworking of the idea of self-portrait, to bring out new looks and new faces. The gaze triggered by the artist’s process challenges the automatisms of observation, opening up new possibilities.

The self-portrait is thus an expedient for working on the process of reworking reality: when we observe a phenomenon, where does our gaze fall? What space do we give to details in our perception? How is our process of analyzing of reality articulated? How can we rewrite our narrative?

Creaative Bump – lo sguardo attraverso, is a workshop organized by Creaa together with Erica Costantini, psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer.